At Waterfront we expect class uniform to be worn at all levels.

Uniform is not required for your trial lessons, leggings and T-shirt are fine with bare feet (Not socks or tights).

Uniform can be purchased online through our approved online stockist, Castle Dancewear.

Trial sizes can be found at the studio in changing room 1 so you can make sure you have the correct size before ordering. Castle Dancewear will then deliver your order to the studio ready to collect at next class

Order from Castle Dancewear Here

Alternatively you can visit Bliss Dancewear in Corstorphine or Dancewear on Rose St.

Ballet Shoe Note.

Ballet shoes must be fitted to both the length and width of your Childs foot, they do not always conform to "normal shoe sizing" and as such your child should be taken to the dance shop to have them correctly fitted.

Dance shoes should not be bought with "room to grow", any extra space causes the feet to slip around causing detrimental muscle use. 

The soft nature of ballet shoe leather means the shoe will shape to the individuals foot and to some extent grow with them,a s such you will probably only require 2 pairs per year.

All shoes must have elastic I place before being worn to class and all drawstrings tucked in securely before each class as they are a trip hazard..

No satin ballet shoes, they are too slippery          No spilt sole ballet shoes in the junior school.

Please do not buy cheap supermarket alternatives which have no shaping them.